Volcano School

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So, all the mommy blogs are abuzz with sending kids off to their first days of school and the homeschool mom’s are plotting out their lesson plans.

I’m lazy when it comes to getting Liam set up to do homeschool preschool stuff but I like arts and crafts and science experiments. Last night I decided to fulfill Liam’s insane desire to learn about volcanoes (tornadoes come in at a close second).

I found a recipe online to make salt dough. This is super easy, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water, two cups flour and a tablespoon of oil. Mix it together and you have playdough. I found an old pill bottle and we headed outside with our red food coloring, baking soda and vinegar.

Liam helped make the play dough and helped form the volcano shape. We put a little baking soda…well a lot of baking soda because this is too much fun, into the pill bottle. Then Liam added some red food coloring. I poured the vinegar, just because I didn’t want everything to smell like vinegar. I asked Damon to record this because I knew the boys would make some good faces.

I just looked at the pictures and this has nothing to do with volcanoes, but man, I look exactly like my brother.

So here is our photo progression for volcano school. Nick even joined in on the learning and oohed and ahhed at the eruption.


























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