Liam, pee & rain water

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We were driving home from Nashville this past weekend and Liam said he needed to pee. We were on a smaller highway, so Damon just pulled to the side of the road. It was raining heavily, so I turned around in my seat and reached over and unbuckled Liam from his car seat. I said to Liam, “I’m going to open the van door and you are going to stand in the van and pee out the door, without getting out of the van.”

Liam was pleased with this idea and proceeded to pull down his pants. He grabbed his penis with his right hand and took aim at some tall grass. The trail of pee arches high and he is soon watering the plants, however as the amount of pee diminishes, the arc gets closer to the van. I am supporting Liam, making sure that he doesn’t fall out of the van. When holding him, I accidentally caused him to shift, getting pee on his right hand.

I say to him, “why don’t you put your hand out into the rain to wash your hand off while I help pull up your pants.”

I struggle pulling up his pants while sitting in the front seat. As I’m tugging his pants up, I look at his face. He brings his pee and rain droplet hand to his face and exclaims, “yum, the rain tastes good!”

I sputter out, “You had pee on that hand. You’re not supposed to lick your hand, the rain was to wash your hands off.” I then proceed to start laughing so hard, as is Damon. Liam giggles at us laughing so hard. I try not to pee my pants as I buckle him back into his car seat. 


One thought on “Liam, pee & rain water

    thevfamily said:
    September 12, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    This is great! LOL.

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