Maintaining friendships

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It was so much easier in childhood to maintain friendships, or at least I remember it that way. You called your friend up or just dropped by their house to see if they could play.

Now as an adult, it feels like the is so much more planning goes into it. Each party has to check their schedule, their spouses schedule and often times their children’s schedule. At times, I wonder if it is even worth trying to get together because it can take days of back and forth. However, I try to remember how much fun it is to hang out and chat with my friends that understand me and listen to my stories and for me to catch up on how they are doing. 

I wish our culture was less scheduled though. I wish that the easy meet ups occurred and we all had more time to just sit and catch up. I think  we all tend to think our friends are probably too busy to meet, so rather than making the effort, we just stay home. Or else, some may be afraid of rejection, so they don’t pick up the phone to call. I hope my friends know that I do want to spend more time with them and that my life goes though cycles of being on the go and then with weeks on end where we just hang around the house. So, if you are ever wanting some time to chat with me and catch up, know that all you have to do is call, or send me a message. I may not be able to meet up right then, but know that in want to keep our friendship going.


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