Racing while sick

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Saturday in the wee hours of the morning, my stomach started to turn.  I made four trips to the restroom throughout the night with an upset stomach.  Each time I got up, I hoped that my stomach would be settled by morning because I was participating in a relay marathon with my husband, father and brother.

I got up at 5:45am with my stomach still rolling.  I grabbed a piece of white bread (it was all that I thought I might be able to keep down from my brother’s house).  The bread smelled so sweet.  We drove the forty minutes to Warner Park, just south of Nashville.

We took a few photos before the race started.  My dad was looking goofy in his non-race clothes and I was just looking goofy because I am goofy.

The race started with my brother running 8 miles.  Damon, my Dad and I got to walk a little over a mile to the transition area.  My brother finished his eight miles quickly, in 1 hours and 6 minutes.

Damon ran the next 8 miles.  We found out afterward that he got the part of the race that was all trail.  It also had some wicked elevation gains.  Damon finished in 1 hours and 28 minutes.

I was next and just hoping that my stomach would settle down.  I had managed to eat a couple of bites of some Fig Newtons they had at the transition point.  I only got about a 1/4 of the bread in my mouth, it was so sweet, it made me want to throw up.  I also managed to force down some energy gummies and a bit of power gel.

My part of the race started with a long up hill.  I had to start walking almost immediately.

Ideally I would have ran the whole way, but with the way that I was feeling, my stomach cramping here and there and having a headache due to dehydration, I figure my finish time on the 5 miles at 1 hour 7 minutes was pretty good.

My dad ran the next leg and he did really well with his time.

After my dad started his part, my brother, Damon and I headed back to the finish. So an extra mile to walk giving me a total of 7 miles yesterday, Damon 10 miles, my brother 9 miles and my dad 6 miles. My dad’s part was mostly flat, but he was deceived of where the finish line was.  He raced into the steeplechase field thinking that he was about to be done, to then find out that he had to run around the entire field.  It was probably about a mile loop around the field.

We finished in 4 hours 31 minutes.  Not bad for none of us really training.  I haven’t done a training run since I did my last triathlon.  We left quickly from the race because I was still not really able to eat.  We went back to my brother’s house where I took a nap with Nick while he nursed to sleep.  Damon wanted to take me on a date last night and despite the fact that I felt like I was going to throw up every time I got up. My brother and Dad said I looked “rough.” We went out on a date anyway and I had my first meal of the day.  We did a little shopping before heading back home because the nausea was coming back.

I slept well throughout the night, although Liam ended up puking one time during the night.  Luckily Damon and I moved quickly and we were able to get him to the bathroom.  When I woke up this morning, I tried eating a bit of food but then went back to bed at 8:30 am CST to then sleep until 2pm CST.  I feel better now, but still don’t have much of an appetite.  Hopefully tomorrow, stomach will be back to normal.  I don’t know if I ate something bad Friday at lunch or just picked up a stomach virus.  I am pretty pleased that I was able to run 5 miles and walk 2 miles and still survived.


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