You look familiar

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I went to my chiropractor today to see if he could recommend a homeopathic for my stomach virus.  After we were done, the boys and I headed into the waiting room where a lady mentioned that she did the Four Bridges Half-marathon yesterday.  I asked how it went.  When she turned around, I realized she looked familiar.  I said, “You look familiar, what is your name?”

She told me and I laughed, “I do know you.  You did my last vaginal exam.”  The lady is a local CNM (certified nurse midwife). My chiropractor’s wife was sitting in for the receptionist and she busted out laughing from my comment.

I hope I didn’t make the midwife embarrassed, but it made me laugh.  She seemed to be a good sport.

I love going to my chiropractor.  If you need a good one, his name is Dr. Aaron Russak at Innovative Chiropractic.  Super Awesome. I would say the midwife’s name, but since she was there as a patient, that may be against the rules.  🙂


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