Up to Heaven

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God welcomed a beautiful mother of five earthly babies last night.  Christina  passed away last night in the hospital.  I did not know her well, but we ran in the same birth circles.  She had apprenticed with my midwife while I was pregnant with Liam.  She had been a doula in the past.  She would post funny stories about the goats she used to have on Facebook. 

I cried so many tears last night for her and her family.  I cried thinking about her close friends that went to the hospital to be there with her.  I cried thinking about my boys and if something unexpected where to happen to me.

From Christina’s Facebook status’ you knew that her family was very important to her and that she had friends that were always there to support her.

I saw her a few months ago when she asked for any fabric scraps so that she could help teach her daughters how to sew.  I grabbed all of my scraps, some yarn and other miscellaneous stuff and met her in St. Elmo.  She was super awesome, sharing homemade sourdough english muffins (that were still warm!), sourdough starter and kombucha.  I still have some of the sourdough muffins in my freezer. 

Please pray for her husband, five daughters, family members and friends.  There are a lot of people out there that will miss this mom.  At least now she is in heaven with all of the babies that she lost. 

You can read posts from her blog here.


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