Cathedral Caverns with a side of camping

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I am able to check off another goal on my 30 while 30 goal list. We went camping as a family. Damon found Cathedral Caverns on the Alabama state park website and I’m really glad we went there yesterday. They had primitive camping sites at the entrance of the park. The cavern itself was amazing. I was so surprised that I had not heard of it before. In this region, you always hear about Ruby Falls, but Cathedral Cavern is a short drive from Chattanooga and a much prettier treasure. The cavern is very well maintained and lit.  It was fun when they turned off all the lights when we got to the back of the cave.  It is amazing how dark it is.  I had a few moments of quiet panic because of the dark.

Check out a few of our pictures from our visit to the caverns yesterday afternoon.

Our first camping adventure as a family went well. It was very cold last night though. Nursing a 1.5 year old in a sleeping bag can prove to be a little acrobatic. I was so worried that Nick would be cold in the night. He kept putting his hands out of the covers and they were ice cold but he slept pretty well. I kept sliding off of my camping mat and Liam talked through the night. Damon was complaining that he could not feel his toes this morning. We decided cooking breakfast was out this morning and headed to Cracker Barrel for a nice warm pancake breakfast. We did have a good meal of hot dogs, chips, baked beans and smores last night for dinner. Despite the tearful cries of Liam this morning because he was so cold and a little sleep deprived, we had fun and I think we will do this again. Thanks Amy for letting us borrow your gigantic tent.


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