Happy Birthday—Everyday I’m Shufflin’

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Liam and I celebrated our birthday’s this weekend. We had a dress-up Halloween party and celebrated with a ton of friends. I was amazed at all the people who showed up for the birthday party.

Liam planned to be a ghost but found the costume I made for him too itchy, so for most of the party he was just in his t-shirt and jeans. I had also planned to be a ghost, following the Martha Stewart no-sew pattern. It turned out awful so on Saturday I made Damon and my costume. We dressed as the guys from LMFAO in the music video, Everyday I’m Shufflin’. We were awesome. My friend’s daughter repeatedly told me how ugly I looked…and she was right. I don’t look great with black facial hair.

Damon suggested that we feed everyone with a taco/burrito bar and that worked out wonderfully. I was able to prep everything ahead of time and just warm it up right before people arrived.

Damon and I embarrassed ourselves by dancing to the Everyday I’m Shufflin’ video. I know our friends got a few good laughs. We couldn’t have been that bad though. We had a ton of kids dancing around us. We converted our living room by pushing all the furniture against the walls so there was plenty of space to dance and play. I loved when my friend Holly’s son wanted us to clear the dance space so that he could break dance. Liam was down on the floor showing off all of his moves. He loved it.

After that we brought the volcano birthday cake into the living room to sing Happy Birthday. I was really proud of that cake. Liam is volcano obsessed now so we figured out how to make a cake to suit his interest. I was especially pleased with the frosting. I used beet juice, turmeric spice and cocoa powder to color the frosting.



After cake, we opened presents. Liam squealed with delight over almost every present. My friends were very thoughtful with their gifts for both of us. I was especially thankful that the gifts were all non-noisy toys. That alone will bring good karma to all of you!

Here are a few party pictures.  Bert is really my mom.

Following the presents, I gave all the kids glow sticks and we turned out the lights to have more dancing. It was awesome.

Nick wearing his too-tight pirate costume.

You may notice that I don’t have a ton of photos of Liam.  It was because he was playing so hard with his friends the entire time, I barely had a chance to get his photo. We had a great birthday. Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate and a big thanks to my husband for doing so much to prep for the party.


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