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A year ago, I did a post on my goal’s for my thirties.  I did less than 50% of the items on this list, but that is okay.  If I did all of them, then maybe they were too easy to achieve.  Plus, life changes, goals change and this list was a working list.  I had my goal list posted up at work.  I saw it everyday.  I think that helped me to remember to keep working on the list.  So here was my post from last year, with a commentary on how I did with each goal. Enjoy.

30 Things to do While I’m 30

I’m almost 30 and I’m excited about it. A ton of things happened in my twenties, went to Guatemala, graduated from college with my electrical engineering degree, got married two weeks later, went to graduate school for a little while, quit graduate school, got a job as an electrical engineer, traveled to Italy, had two children and made a lot of friends.

I think my thirties will be just as awesome and I want to start my first year in my thirties out with energy. So, my friend Emily made such a list when she turned thirty this year and I wanted to copy her. It will be fun to see in one year what I actually checked off, what things didn’t seem important enough to do and the other things that occurred that I couldn’t have imagined. So this list will begin in five days and comes in no particular order….

1. Complete a marathon-

  • Completed one leg in the Rock and Road Marathon Relay

2. Start a babywearing group in Chattanooga and hold meetings throughout the year to help other parents learn how much fun and easy it is to use carriers.

  • Called Lookout Babywearers

3. Go overseas, preferably to Europe.

  • We decided to go the ICAN conference in St. Louis instead, I still really want to go back to Europe with the kids.

4. Stay off of Facebook for a week.

  • Completed last fall. When you’re off of it, you realize you aren’t missing much.

5. Go camping.

  • Went camping in Alabama on October 22nd, 2011. We just barely made it in the goal time.

6. Host 3 dinner parties for friends.

  • This did not happen. We did end up having a big birthday bash for Liam and myself. We’ve had a few friends over for dinner here and there, but I don’t really think I succeeded on this one.

7. Grow a large garden.

  • This did happen this year. I grew corn, four types of tomatoes, 1 okra (so sad), cucumbers, peppers, carrots, pak choi, romaine lettuce, flowers, green peppers, watermelon, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, and basil.

8. Can as many vegetables as possible.

  • I ended up not canning any vegetables and only made strawberry jam.

9. Take my kids out into the woods at least once a week.

  • I failed on this one miserably.–Although we did play out on the back yard a lot.

10. Go on a date with my husband once a month.

  • This one has not been nearly as frequent as I would have liked. Whenever we thought about going out somewhat spontaneously, we couldn’t get a babysitter. We did do better this year than in the past but it still wasn’t enough.

11. Take the PE Exam….and hopefully pass it.

  • Honestly, I don’t think I have the desire to take this test. My future goals have changed and I think I put this on my goal list because I felt that I should, rather than wanting to truly take it.

12. Go on a zip line.

  • I didn’t get to go, but Damon did buy gift certificates for us to go in Blue Ridge, GA. Anyone want to watch our kids for the day so we can go use them?

13. Join a bible study.

  • I simply did not put this at the top of the priorities.

14. Get dressed up and go dancing.

  • For Damon’s birthday I surprised him with a night out and dancing in Nashville.

15. Knit myself a vest.

  • FAIL but I did knit a beanie for a little girl at Vanderbilt and finished a teddy bear for Nick….so I say that was a success.

16. Sew a fleece jacket for myself.

  • I think I put this on the list because I had a bunch of pretty teal fleece sitting in my closet and I wanted something made for me with it. However I don’t need a fleece jacket!!!

17. Send friends a random card or present at least three times this year.

  • I did this, it made me happy.

18. Send my brother a kick-ass care package when in Afghanistan.

  • I guess really my brother should judge this one, but I thought it was a nice care package.

19. Improve my writing skills via my blogging.

  • I don’t really think that my writing has improved, but I have kept the blog going, so that’s something.

20. Learn how to nurse a baby while in a baby carrier.

  • I did it, but I rarely need to nurse while walking around. I enjoy sitting down and taking a break with my nursling.

21. Learn how to do one pull up.

  • Nope, didn’t happen. I didn’t even try.

22. Do 20 real pushups regularly by 31st birthday.

  • About a month before my birthday, I thought I would start working on this. I think I did three pushups, maybe this year I will get them all.

23. Grow my garden plants from seed.

  •  This was successful for a lot of my plants, but I learned some things this year and will do a few things different this next planting season.

24. Gather more information and tools for homeschooling.

  • Yup, did that.

25. Learn how to make yogurt.

  • So easy, why did I not do this before? We still buy store bought yogurt most of the time, but this if fun every once in a while.

26. Complete another triathlon…maybe two.

  • Yes. I did two; the Mountain Lakes Triathlon in Guntersville, AL and the Nashvegas Tri in Ashland City, TN. I did both with no training because I was lazy. I did well for me in each of them. I love triathlon.

27. Go a month without television.

  • This one didn’t happen. I don’t watch much t.v. anyway, but certain months I was obsessed with Netflix.

28. Read the Gospels.

  • I’ve been listening to them via an iTunes podcast called “You’ve Got the Time.” I’m almost through Luke and then just have John.

29. Pray everyday.

  • Maybe not every day, but a lot more than I ever have. I prayed for my brother’s safety while in Afghanistan. I prayed for my sister-in-law and nephew. I prayed for numerous friends when they lost a baby and then prayed that they would be blessed with a child in the future. I prayed profusely for a friend who passed away two weeks ago. I prayed for my students to have the birth they needed to have.

30. Say thanks everyday for something good that happened.

  • This one I can improve on. I think that everyone needs reminders that there is something good happening in some part of their life.

Edit: So as I was lying in bed last night, I had a few other things come to mind that I want to do…

31. Re-learn how to make pottery.

  • I never took the time to work this into everything else, maybe in the future.

32. Work on our family transitioning to whole foods, vs. industrial/processed foods.

  • This one is a life time goal!

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