Pssst…Wanna know a secret?

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My husband doesn’t read my blog, so I thought I would share his Christmas present.  I’ve booked us three days-two nights away in……..New Orleans.  By ourselves!  That’s right.  Our first trip sans Nicholas and Liam.  I’m super excited.  We’re going in January. Thanks to my Dad for watching the boys.   

My friend Summer inspired me with her awesome trips with her husband to Hawaii, Colorado and recently New York. Thanks Summer for reminding me that our kids will be okay while we are away, even with me still nursing Nick.  🙂

 My husband and I need this time away.  We love each other and don’t get to spend nearly enough time together.  My husband is a big fan of New Orleans and apparently has many fond memories of the place from his college days.  I’m pretty sure this trip will be a bit different with me in tow, but I can’t wait to stay in the French Quarter, eating beignet’s and drinking coffee.  And ohh, the cajun food.  Can you tell I’m excited? 

Any suggestions on awesome places to eat?


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