Pretty Skirt

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I had a few minutes to myself today.  I was able to set a feverish Nick up on the couch while I got my fabric and brought it into the living room to cut fabric.  I saw this skirt on Pinterest and fell in love. I bought the fabric a couple of weeks ago and finally decided to make it today.  It is super easy to make and requires only one seam and you to sew an elastic band on it.  I ended up modifying it a bit more.  I’ve found that skirts need to me right at knee-length or down to the ground to look flattering on me.  This skirt originally fell right above my calf, but I find that length makes me look shorter.  With my growing girth in the belly and my rear end due to pregnancy, I need to still feel long and lanky, even though the mirror doesn’t necessarily reflect that.

Here are the pictures I took quickly before my camera battery died. This is a very fun skirt to wear.  Once it is a little more consistently warm outside, I’m sure this skirt will get a lot of wearing time.



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