“Girl…you don’t need no SlimFast.”

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Last week, I decided to go down to an outdoor pavilion to eat my lunch and knit on my shawl. When walking back to the office, I passed three men, that may or may not be homeless. They smiled and said “Hello” and “Good Morning.” I smiled back and said, “Hello.” I was about ten feet away from these men, one of whom had some obvious signs of glaucoma, when I heard, “No Nutri-System for you. Uhh-huh. You look good the way you are.” I turn back to look at them. I hear, “Girl…you don’t need no SlimFast.  You look good, yea. ”

I thought about yelling back, I’m five months pregnant, but figured it really didn’t matter.

A few more steps down the sidewalk, another man walks by and says, “You have a pretty smile.”  I said thank you.  At least that was a nicer compliment.  I guess the other one was good, but just made me remember that my backside is widening and I’m getting plumper everyday.  At least a few people find me attractive, even if they are homeless men that hang out at the park.  Sigh.


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