“You’re so tiny.”

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I’ve said this comment to a pregnant woman before, “You don’t even look pregnant, you’re so tiny.” 

I had it said to me yesterday and I didn’t like it.  Maybe I’m just at my hyper-sensitive, every thing pisses me off stage of pregnancy, but I didn’t like these comments. 

I do look pregnant.  My breasts are bigger, my belly is getting rounder, I have more weight on my hips and thighs.  My body is happily gestating and I am getting larger.  It frustrates me because I have gained thirty pounds so far and I’m just over half way.  That is more than lots of women gain through an entire pregnancy.  If I don’t look like I’m pregnant, then are you saying I just look fatter?  The weight is there, I am bigger.  I’m a stick with hips when not pregnant.  Please acknowledge my growing body.  It won’t hurt my feelings.

 Instead, I enjoy hearing the words, “You look great,” or “Your body distributes the weight well then.” 



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