Hips and Glowing

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I really need to refrain from reinterpreting people’s comments about my physique.

Today’s comment from a female co-worker: “You really carry that baby low in your hips don’t you?”

What I hear: “Wow, your ass is getting huge and your hips look like they get bigger by the day.”

I’m also starting to get the comments about glowing. Does that mean I look sweaty and greasy? I hope not. I love the new moisturizer I’ve been using, jojoba oil. Makes my skin feel nice and look a bit smoother.

I’m polite with my responses, the people may not know that I don’t like having my body analyzed and commented on. They also don’t know that I’ve been nearly in tears for the past couple of days because my hips are spreading a bit.  They don’t understand that these comments sting a bit.


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