The honesty of a four year old.

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Liam was in the bathroom with me as I was getting ready for bed. I was undressed, had my back to him and about to go put on my pajamas when I heard this….

“Mama, your butt is fat…..and kind of jiggly,” as he shimmied his body back in forth to make sure I understood what he said.

I turned around, smiled and laughed.

“Yes buddy, my butt is fat. But do you know why?”

“No mama.”

“If my butt didn’t get bigger, then I might fall over, because my belly is getting bigger and bigger. I have to stay balanced in the front and the back, don’t I? Plus, I need to have more fat on me; it will help me make more mama milk for when the baby comes.”

His eyes lit up and said, “So there will be LOTS of mama milk for the baby….and for Nick… and for me.” He hasn’t nursed in forever, but the prospect that there would be milk in abundance made him very, very happy.

When I told my husband a few minutes later about our conversation, he just cracked up. I’m sure I will hear Liam asking people if they are going to have a baby because their butt is fat.

Honestly, his comments didn’t really bother me. My butt is getting “fatter,” but like I told Liam it is for a very good reason. I’m not a pregnant woman that gains 15-20 pounds in her pregnancy. I haven’t in any of my pregnancies. I weighed myself the other night and I’m set to gain the most weight I ever have while pregnant.

With my first pregnancy, I started at a higher weight, around 160 lbs. By this point in gestating, I was 192 lbs, exactly where I am right now. I finished my first pregnancy at around 208 lbs. Six months postpartum, after lots and lots of walking with a baby in a carrier or pushed in a stroller, I was a stick. By nine months post partum, I was down to 140 lbs. Twenty pounds lighter than before pregnacy.

My second pregnancy, I was about 142 lbs at the beginning and topped out at about 197-198 lbs. It seemed to take me a little longer to get back down to size. I do know that I tried to do too much early on in the postpartum period, trying to get in shape for a triathlon that I never did.

My third pregnancy, I once again became pregnant when I was around 142-143 lbs. I’m already at 192 lbs. That means I’ve gained the most with my current pregnancy and I still have a couple of months to go. I’m not too worried though. I eat pretty well and know my body needs to gain what it needs to gain. I actually walked/jogged and pushed two kids in a stroller, 4.3 miles last weekend trying to catch a glimpse of my husband, brother and father running in the Country Music Half-Marathon. I was a little winded, but otherwise felt great. My plan this postpartum is to do what I did after my first pregnancy. Walk! Lots of walking. I’ll put the baby in a wrap on my front or my back, put the boys in our bike trailer/jogging stroller combo and walk at least four times a week, hopefully every day, after a couple of weeks of rest. I had a goal after my first pregnancy, to walk a half-marathon distance by six months postpartum and I did succeeded in doing do. I’m going to make that my goal for this postpartum period as well.

I’m pretty sure that there is only one baby in my belly, so hopefully my extra weight gain this pregnancy is just a sign that this baby will be a very good nurser.

Taken this week before cleaning the bathrooms.

3 thoughts on “The honesty of a four year old.

    Michelle Ray, CPM-TN said:
    May 4, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I think you look beautiful!!

      lahancock responded:
      May 4, 2012 at 3:51 pm

      Ahhh thanks Michele.

    thevfamily said:
    May 5, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    I love that you love yourself. So many of us can’t do that, pregnant or not. What a great model you are to you sons and will be to your coming son/daughter!

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