Chattanooga Mama’s Local Birth and Baby Fair-May 2012

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I had so much fun at the Chattanooga Mama Local Birth and Baby Fair.  I had a booth for Chattanooga Hypnobabies and I was really happy with the way my set up turned out.  It was great to hang out with so many great vendors….ICAN of Chattanooga, Boyd and Olson Photography, BirthWellness, Journey Midwifery, My Smart Hands, Kindermusik, La Leche League of Chattanooga and Ringgold, Birth Unbound, Bradley Method Childbirth of Chattanooga and Lafayette, Best Fed Chattanooga, Hearth and Earth Organics, Dr. Seeber M.D of Caring Choice  Women’s Center, Dr. Lisa Morris, Dixie Soaps, Birth Chattanooga and many, many more.  I saw so many of my own Hypnobabies students.  Every time, I turned around, there was someone that I knew.  It was great meeting so many soon to be parents and new parents.  I was happy that I was able to expose new people to Hypnobabies.

I also had a really pleasant conversation with a grandmother at the fair.  She was so pleased that Chattanooga had such a grand support system.  Her daughter had recently moved from Knoxville and she thought that Chattanooga did not have as much to offer.  This grandmother had used Lamaze during her daughter’s birth and also breast fed her children.  I told her, her daughter was very fortunate to have such a positive role model.  I told her my mom used Lamaze with me and my brother and also breastfed.  I was super thankful that I had a mom around that could offer the support I needed.

Another woman I spoke with had a lovely Maya ring sling on.  She said, “I lived in Germany and I thought they had a great amount of resources available to new moms. But this fair is even better.  Chattanooga has so much more.” It was great to hear all of these positive comments.

I even got the opportunity to do a baby wearing demonstration.  The volunteer baby wearing expert was late to the birth and baby fair.  I fortunately had brought a bunch of my carriers with me, so I was able to take the stage and try to command the attention of a bunch of people.  I don’t know how well I did.  I do know that there were a lot of people with their eyes bugging out when Keisha Wilcox and I were doing the baby wearing demonstrations.  I know they thought she was going to drop her baby, but I did my best to reassure the audience that Keisha had her daughter very secure and the baby was very comfortable.  If anyone took pictures of us doing the demo, I would love to see them.

Here is a picture of my booth.  I’m pretty proud of it.

Photo Courtesy of Boyd and Olson Photography

Here is a picture of my first two students.  I’m so thankful that they took my class.  One is a friend from my college days, and the other has become a great friend, that I just wish I had more time to hang out with.

A few other photos of the fair.  I thought Chattanooga Mama hosted a great fair with an awesome turn out.

Chattanooga Mama’s Local Birth and Baby Fair

La Leche League

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Workshops
Dixie Soaps
Heart and Earth Organics
Organizers of the Birth Fair
My Smart Hands with Adele
Boyd and Olson Photography
A great turn out.

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