A Morning Funny

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This morning  a male co-worker says to me, “You’re about to pop!”

First thoughts through my head….your gut is bigger than mine.  However, this guy is pretty nice and likes to joke, so I decide to have some fun.

He asks, “How much longer do you have?”

“Five months,” said with a deadpan voice.

His eyes bug out, “Really?  Uhhhh…………. No, really how long?”

“A couple of months.”

He honestly looked freaked out that I might have five months to go.  Made my day.  If he makes the “About to pop,” comment again, I fully plan some good comebacks and they will probably not be as nice about his weight.  🙂

I love being a smart-aleck sometimes and I love that people really have no clue about my “due date.”  They’ve taken it a lot better this pregnancy when I give them extremely vague answers.  I also change the time period.  Sometimes my response is August, sometimes it is end of July, sometimes it is whenever the baby arrives.  I have no idea when the baby will come and I’m thinking this will help with my Facebook stalkers as my time comes near.  If anyone has followed me on Facebook, you may notice that my pregnant belly pictures have not been accompanied with a caption of what week gestation I am.  I may have fun with that  in the future, maybe a 52 week caption, 84 week, who knows on my pictures.

Here are two pictures of me and the boys from this week:

Have I told you all how much I love my little boys?  They are awesome.  Even when they are fighting with each other.


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