Stages of Later Pregnancy

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So, I guess I’m at the pissed off stage of pregnancy. This is normally followed by my nesting stage and then holy crap this is getting really close stage and then the please, don’t make me drive to work another day stage.

So things that have been frustrating to me lately:

A person told me that I was brave for choosing home birth, this isn’t the first time this has happened but is a recurring comment from people that are unfamiliar with home birth. Ugh, I hate that one, especially when they are using Chattanooga’s Best of the Best OB practice in town, you know the one that tells nearly all of the women that their babies are measuring really, really big….their amniotic fluid is low, c-sections are like sunroofs in the belly, women are crazy to want to go without drugs to birth a child, ultrasounds at every visit (let me guess docs, you’ve never been trained in how to palpate a belly for fetal positioning), and nearly everyone gets induced at 40 weeks…yup, I’m the brave one here. (Eye roll)

If I have one more person ask me when I’m going to “Pop,” they are probably going to get punched in the face.

People telling me not to waddle. Yes, I’m choosing to walk like a duck because I like it. Did you ever think that maybe I’ve just gotten so fat and it helps to not have my thighs chafe together in the summer humidity? Or that perhaps that waddle is only because I’m trying not to urinate on myself when I stand up after an hour of sitting at my computer desk. Or that my joints are trying to creak themselves back together because my awesome baby is just dropping down into launch position.

Being too tired in the evenings to do much, feeling like I’m neglecting my kids and having them watch way too much television. My husband works three hours away so is gone four full days, three nights minimum a week. I really wish he was home, but by him working, he is helping to fulfill a dream of mine (that will be a blog post for later.) Then feeling like I’m a crappy wife because I don’t have the house picked up when my husband comes home like the 1950’s sitcoms.

Having people ask me how I feel instead of just saying hello. Why does the question change when you become pregnant to how do you feel? My response lately has been pregnant, or I just say “fine, but how are YOU feeling?”

Having people familiar with Hypnobabies (multiple past students or friends that have used the home study program) saying the word contraction so much. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but heck; I use the term pressure wave. Not to say that they should just because I’m using Hypnobabies, but geez people, use the lingo if you are about to have a baby and if I taught you to use those words, then I know what a pressure wave is, help me prepare for my birthing time.

Last night I was able to go to an ICAN meeting. It was great to see so many of my friends, but I probably shouldn’t have gone being so close to having a baby. I constantly had to use my Bubble of Peace (another Hypnobabies thing) during the meeting. So much talk of pain, contractions and then hearing one story in particular caused me to wake up in the middle of the night and decide to listen to my Fear Clearing c.d. I guess I won’t go to the next meeting, need to keep myself as focused as possible for my easy, comfortable birth.

I should say there have been a few nice things I’m thankful for:

Two different co-workers that know what to say to a pregnant woman….”You look lovely today,” or “You look really nice being pregnant.”

The neighbor that watched my boys’ last minute so that I could go chat with friends for a few hours last night.

The ladies on a private Facebook group that ask me how I’m doing after I’ve complained about a few pregnancy related problems.

The relaxing acupuncture session I went to last week.

Being able to sleep so much this pregnancy and having boys that sleep through the night, even though I may end up with feet in my face or my belly at times.

Having a friend that let me borrow a birth tub that has had around ten babies birthed in it.

Having friends that let me call them up to vent about things that are bothering me.

Having a mom that truly listens to me when I call and just need someone to talk to.

Getting to go on a weeklong vacation to Texas to watch my niece graduate and getting to spend some much needed time taking naps and going for swims with my boys.


With only 3,715,200 minutes to go, plus or minus 1,209,600 minutes to go until my guess date (if you actually do the math, I made it up, so you won’t know my due date) I’m getting closer to being in the holy crap this is close stage since there really just isn’t time to nest. I have so many craft projects that I want to finish up. I told a friend today that I’m going to have to back out of making him a Mei Tai for his new baby, I feel really bad about this, but I have to be selfish with my time. Needing to prepare freezer meals, prep the birth room, clean my house, play with my kids, maybe get maternity photos if I don’t back out due to cost, sleeping, eating, going to work, commuting to babysitter, etc….I think I’m getting to end up having to bypass the nesting phase because when do I have time?

Sigh, the baby will be here before I know it and then I can have my endorphin high, with newborn snuggles.




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