Kool-Aid Dyed Wool Soakers for cloth diapering

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I purchased three of these diaper covers at a local consignment sale a while back. They are lovely little wool diaper covers that will be used over a cotton prefold. They were a nice cream color until last night when I decided that I wanted to experiment with kool-aid dyeing. I had seen tutorials to do this on pinterest and other sites with wool yarn.

I went to the store last night with my two kids thinking that they would be so excited to participate in picking out the kool-aid colors. Little did I know that Liam, my 4.5 year old would decide that he would tantrum the entire time we were at the grocery store because he didn’t get to sit in the part of the cart that he wanted, then didn’t get to have a cookie, then got to sit in time out on the floor of the store, then get put into the cart, to then whine that his brother wasn’t giving him “alone time,” to complaining that the freezer section of the store was too cold, to me forcibly removing him from the cart for whining too much, to then getting to be put in time out again at the quick check out line well away from his brother (where he finally was able to reset himself), to then having Nick cheer, “yay, brother gets out of time out,” while clapping. Yes, completely off the topic of kool-aid dyeing, but I needed a way to record what is now funny, but in the moment was extremely frustrating. I should have just gotten the damn cookie for him, but I had a feeling that the whining was still going to be there even after the cookie.

So anyway, last night, I soaked the three diaper covers and then remembered that I had another cream colored diaper cover that my husband had slightly felted by accident, so I soaked it too. I decided to do two pots, one where I dyed two covers orange and red, and the other two blue and green.

Liam helped me with some of the colors, but he kept getting too close to the hot water without concern for the pots, so he didn’t get to help as much as I was hoping. I’m going to repeat this with some yarn in the future, away from the boiling water, so that he can be more involved. They turned out really quite cool. The orange and red ended up mixing together more than I anticipated, but I really like the color. The blue and green has more of a tie dyed affect.








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