Midwife in Training

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Our midwife’s apprentice, Rachel, came by the house last night and took some cute photos of me and the boys after she got done with the prenatal appointment.  Liam is using a fetoscope to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  I prefer the fetoscope because the doppler that is commonly used with pregnant women actually is a strong form of ultrasound.  From what I’ve read, one minute using a doppler is equal to about 20 minutes on a sonogram machine.  Lots of parents have no issues with frequent ultrasound exposure for their babies, but I am a little more wary.

Nick tried measuring my belly a bit. Notice the large circles on my belly, Liam was a little too forceful in listening to the heartbeat.  At the end of the visit, my friend Amy came by and got to use a fetoscope for the first time.  She heard the baby’s heartbeat too.  Thank you Rachel for taking photos.  They really make me smile.

Liam using the fetoscope, Nick is getting ready to measure fundal height.

I’m trying to locate the heartbeat and Liam wants me to listen to his belly.
Listening to Liam’s “baby”

Nick preparing to measure…or maybe just play with the measuring tape.
Liam wanted the baby to hear it’s own heartbeat.
Amy listening to the baby.

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