“Mommy-Daddy Time”

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After appearing on the local news last week, I’ve gotten comments from co-workers about co-sleeping. The comment that always seems ridiculous to me is….”Well, I have a friend and they have a (insert any age here) kid and they can’t get them out of the bed.”

My response is, “Do the parents have a problem with this?”

Sometimes the answer is no and it is just the observer that seems appalled that people would have a kid in the bed with them, or even co-sleeping in a toddler bed or crib in the same room with them.

Other times the answer is yes, they don’t want the kid in their bed any more. A co-worker today said, “Well, they can’t get any Mommy-Daddy time!”

I replied, “Then they need to get more creative.”

I know plenty of co-sleeping/bed sharing parents and guess what folks, they still have sex. I find it hard to believe that people only have sex in one location in their house. Some people think that the parents’ bedroom should be some kind of childless sanctuary, and perhaps even my husband may feel that way sometimes. However, most people in the United States have houses that range in 1200 sq. feet to 3000 sq. feet. Can you honestly say that there is no other place in your home to do the deed? Perhaps your kid should sleep in their own room, but blaming your child’s sleep location for the lack of romantic involvement seems kind of silly to me. If it is important to you, you find a way.


2 thoughts on ““Mommy-Daddy Time”

    Sophia Lesher said:
    June 24, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Mackenzie slept with us until she was 5yrs old. She finally went into her own room right before school started so she was more like 5yrs and 7 months. Yet, somehow Ava managed to come into the world 😉 Dunno why people care so much about what goes on in other peoples homes! We had 4 of us in the same bed for 2 yrs and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!

      lahancock responded:
      June 25, 2012 at 6:44 am

      Exactly Sophia. Thanks for sharing.

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