Shopping with three kids-Fail!

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Shopped at an amazing fabric store in Nashville today, Textile Fabrics. However the experience was miserable due to my own children and my ability to get them to listen to me. I had a fussy baby despite nursing, Nick tried to pull down a curtain rod and potentially break a full length mirror while I nursed Grant. Liam and Nick tried to chase each other while I hissed at them to stay next to me and be quiet. The visit ended with me telling the boys to sit on some steps at the front of the store so that they wouldn’t mess with the window display. As I tried to quickly look through the fabric, I got further from the older two. As I got farther away, Grant was trying to suck the skin off my knuckle and Liam’s singing got louder. Of course he was singing Jingle Bells, Batman Smells in his loudest voice. Grant cried out and then I felt warmth on my shirt. The awesome wool diaper cover that I previously dyed wicks moisture wonderfully…straight onto my shirt. I was beyond frustrated at this point. I rushed back to the older two and growled at them to get into the car immediately. It is funny now, but that fabric store was glorious and had perfect fabric for what I wanted to make. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I was not nice at all to either Liam or Nick when we got in the car to drive home.


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