Grant’s Birth Video

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So please remember, I’m choosing to share a very personal moment in my life with you.  I’m excited to share.  This birth was just as fantastic as my other two, but the first that I’ve ever recorded.  The original video was an hour and a half long, I’ve edited it down to twenty-seven minutes.  There are a few funny parts I did edit out, like my entire conversation about my hemorrhoids, but I figured, everyone didn’t need to hear that.  I hope you enjoy and make sure to listen to my commentary, it’s important to the story.  Some may hear the sounds that I made and think that I’m in pain.  Probably the only moment I might classify as painful was at the end when Grant came out.  It was a pinching feeling that my brain could not comprehend and you’ll see me start to stand up. I remember thinking I wanted to get away from the feeling, but there is nowhere to go.  The sensation was quick but my sounds were loud.

Grant’s birth video.


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