Nursing anywhere and everywhere

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I’ve lost my modesty when it comes to nursing in public. I remember nursing for the first time in public at an IHOP in a booth. I was trying so hard to keep covered and not ram my first son’s head into the table that I gave up and went to the car. Fast forward to today, nearly five years later and having been nursing non-stop between three boys and I nurse wherever I need to.

My children have been nursed in so many locations…at a funeral, at many, many restaurants at tables and booths, at the beach, on a trolley, at the park, sitting on the floor of a used book store amongst tons of people,  in other stores as necessary, during a t.v. news interview, on a hayride, professional baseball games, on an airplane, during Grant’s newborn photography shoot to get a certain shot so he wouldn’t be crying, etc. I’m surprised at my comfort level now, but want to know a secret? Most people don’t even know what I’m doing. They can’t see anything and just think the baby is sleeping. I thought I would share a few photos of me nursing the boys. I don’t have a lot of nursing in public photos because it is kind of hard to take a picture yourself.  🙂  I’m thinking I may need to get some professional photos taken, just so I have a good memory of it.



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