We Vote

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I love the neighborhood that I live in because I can walk to vote.  I don’t know that voting made any impression on my boys, but the people inside City Hall loved them.  I was thankful that Nick did not pee in his underwear while there and that Liam chose to spit out the cinnamon candy outside rather than on the floor.

Leaving our house for City Hall
Nick is Monkey Wearing
I just love my new wrap
About to go vote

Made my selections. Liam wanted to fill in multiple choices for president.
Nick helped
Telling the ladies at city hall that he liked our new park
Spicy Cinnamon Candy Vomit
Take Us to the Park!


Cute Baby








One thought on “We Vote

    Lee Dalglish said:
    November 30, 2012 at 7:32 am

    Isn’t it the best, to be able to walk to vote? I did early voting and the early vote place was literally three blocks from my apartment. Much better than fighting the long lines the day of and having to search for some random elementary school.

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