Last weeks blooper reel

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My middle child cracks me up on a daily basis.

We used to call him Nicholas Picolas, stop being ridiculous. It was so cute to here him say Nicolas Picolas, but now he insists that he is only called by his actual name, first middle and last.

He made me laugh this week. I was in the bathroom with him and he was standing up to pee. He exclaims, “Mama, I have rainbow coming out of my penis hole.” I couldn’t really argue.

My sister-in-law’s dog peed on the kitchen floor. I stepped in it with fresh socks. As I cursed the dog under my breath, my 1.5 year old niece proceeds to sit in the puddle of pee. Awesome.

My niece was a great helper when I took off her diaper. I asked her to throw it in the trash can. She started to walk upstairs, so I figured she was going to through it in the bathroom trash. Hours later, I find it in the toilet. At least she didn’t flush.


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