Seven Months and Nashville Tornadoes

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January 29th: The month of January has flown by. My baby turned seven months today. My friend Holly had her much awaited baby last Thursday at 42 weeks and 4 days. This week, I’m in Nashville, watching my brother’s two kids along with my three while he and his wife enjoy a getaway on the West coast.



Last night, I realized that God has been very good to me in that my kids are pretty good sleepers. I’m not a kind person at 12:30 to 2 am. Luckily my niece wasn’t the one keeping me up last night, but my teething baby. Let us just say that I’m pretty embarrassed at my late night meltdown.

Grant is army crawling now and took a treacherous header off my bed this past Saturday. My friends were with me in the next room and I moved pretty quickly to grab him from the floor. His head was scraped up but luckily my friend had some Arnica handy and his swelling was minimal. He hasn’t slept on a high bed without me since Saturday.

I’m hoping that the month of February will allow us to get our house on the market and sold quickly. I’m going to miss my local friends immensely and each day that we stay in Chattanooga, the harder it gets to leave. I want to get established in Nashville though. I’m tired of living apart from my husband most of the week. I hate that he misses so much. I also dislike the readjusting every week that we have to go through. I’m also looking forward to saving money by living in the same place. It costs too much in gas and food living apart.

February 1:
I didn’t post this blog post right away and an exciting story happened the night I wrote this. Early Wednesday morning, around 3:15 am, I woke to what I thought was the door slamming open downstairs at my brother’s house. The wind was raging outside, but I thought maybe I imagined it. I had Grant, Liam, Nick, and my nephew Andrew in the bed with me. I thought Damon was in the room next door and my niece Kelsey was in her room. I thought about getting up, but it was the first night in three nights that all the kids were sleeping. The wind kept raging, so I thought I should go check and make sure the door wasn’t open downstairs. My husband was downstairs checking the news. I hadn’t heard the text message alerts, but we were under a tornado warning. Damon said the door had been blown open. As we debated on whether to wake five soundly sleeping children and take them to the basement, I looked out the large picture window that was facing north. The wind blasted and I saw a flash of green. In that moment, I thought a transformer had blown but it was probably a power line. I yelled to Damon, “Get the kids, now!”

I raced into my nieces room and patted around her crib trying to figure out which way she was laying. I grabbed her and ran to the back bedroom. I yelled at the kids that they had to wake up right now. I grabbed Grant in my other arm, yelled at Liam to get up and run downstairs. Damon grabbed Andrew and guided Liam downstairs. I didn’t have extra arms to grab Nick too and I hated leaving him there, scared that we wouldn’t get back in time. I raced down there and begged Damon to hurry and go get Nick. Damon couldn’t find him in the bed right away. He was sound asleep in the last place Damon checked. We brought him downstairs and all the kids were bawling. Damon went back upstairs two more times to get some bedding for us all while my heart raced, wondering if we picked the safest room to be in. We got the kids calmed with explanations that we thought there may have been a tornado. You should have seen Liam’s face light up. He was excited. My nephew was not too thrilled. Nick kept telling us that a volcano was exploding and the two youngest just wanted to be held.

We all slept in the basement that night and everyone fell back asleep pretty easily. The next day Damon saw trampolines wrapped around trees, stone mailboxes knocked down, lot of threes down on the road. According to the news, the road my brother lives on had an f0 tornado go through the area. That was scary at that rating, I can’t imagine what a stronger tornado would feel like.

Here are some non-tornado pictures of me and all the kids.





One thought on “Seven Months and Nashville Tornadoes

    thevfamily said:
    February 11, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Wow! How scary! I slept through them completely here. One did touch down in MJ, but it was quite a bit away from us. Thomas was awake half the night watching the news too, but Daniel slept soundly *upstairs!!* all night long. Wesley does not like storms, so he was in the bed with us, but he was snoozing too. I told Thomas next time he had to at least go upstairs and get Daniel. Him being away from all us, after I officially knew how serious it was that night, made me upset. We don’t have a basement, but we would have figured out sleeping arrangements in our under the stairs closet! (By the way, you are completely amazing for watching your bro’s kids so they could travel together! Hope they pay you back soon :))

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