Brilliant fix for lazy painting

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So, I feel like I’m pretty brilliant today.  We have these hideous old bronze sconces outside.  They either need to be replaced at a minimum of $11 each or painted. We have three of them.  I really did not want to remove them from the wall because that would require me to go downstairs, flip the breaker, make sure breaker was off, get out the screw driver, remove from the wall, disconnect the wiring, tape glass, spray paint and then reconnect everything and hope I put it back on correctly.  (I have wired lights in our house before but didn’t feel like doing it today.)

Anyway, on Pinterest, I saw a link for how to paint fixtures without removing them by taping up a ton of cardboard or something else to protect the walls.  The fail rate on actually getting the stuff to stay up on the walls and for me to not spray something accidentally was pretty high so I decided to do something a little different.

I still put tape up on the glass.  I got an old jelly jar and put a plastic bag in it.  Then I took my black spray paint and sprayed it into the plastic bag until I had a puddle of paint.  I took one of the kids paint brushes and painted on the black. I think I could have actually bought paint in a jar that would have done the same thing. However the black spray paint is only $3.98 at Home Depot, which I believe is cheaper.  I’m not finished with them, but already they look a whole lot better.  What do you think?





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