Back Deck Quick Fix

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We have another home showing today and I wanted to highlight our back deck.  It is a lovely space that we have enjoyed for a couple of years now.  In the spring, summer and fall we have played in kiddie pools on this deck, eaten meals, barbecued and just chilled out.  I want others to see how comfortable this space is and I’m quickly finding out that lots of home owners can’t imagine how something could look without it actually being there.  So yesterday, I went to the Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Ace Hardware to get my supplies.

I purchased two wire hanging baskets, six glass votives with curved necks, twine and white candles.  I got all of these, minus the twine at the Dollar Tree.  Cost= $13.



I turned the baskets upside down and fed the chain through the bottom circle you see above.  I tied twine onto each glass so that two strings were holding each glass and tied them securely around the now bottom of the basket.  I inserted the candles and hung them on my pergola.

For some privacy and some color, I wanted to hang curtains.  I had seen on Pinterest, people using drop cloths.  Online, I saw that the drop cloths could range anywhere from $8-$15.  I knew I could get shower curtains with holes already in place at the tops of them for between $8-12 at Dollar General.  The white shower curtains were $8 and the teal ones I purchased were $10.  I bought six curtains total and used 1/8″ galvanized cable from Ace Hardware.  I bought 30 feet ($17.70) of the cable and have some left over.  I probably only needed about 18 feet for what I was doing but my vision for how I was going to hang things didn’t pan out last night, so I did what I could.  I used cable stops ($3.98) to crimp the wire into a loop so that I could hang the wire from existing bolts on our pergola.

I used more of the twine to hang the curtains from the cable.  I think overall this looks pretty good.  Total cost for this project: Approximately $85.  It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but we can keep these curtains and chandeliers when we move unless the future home owner really wants them.  I think it makes the space a little warmer and cozier.

DSC_0020 2 DSC_0015DSC_0014a

Our dogwood tree is flowering beautifully right now.



A little bench I made yesterday with existing brick and wood.



One thought on “Back Deck Quick Fix

    Susan Field said:
    April 3, 2013 at 10:56 am

    I love the cozy separation!

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