Want to get in shape at home? Fit2B Studio Discount Code

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I’ve posted a few times now about Fit2B Studio and I’m loving the workouts.  It is easier than getting to a gym and sometimes easier than getting my kids all loaded into the jogging stroller to go for a walk.  These workouts are easy to do, I feel good after completing them and they are just a touch away on my iPad or computer.  I like the workouts so much, I signed up to become an affiliate.  

That means, if you want to sign up, use the code Alaskan and it will get you 3 months of site use for just $20.  The normal monthly fee is $9.99 for unlimited use of the videos, a facebook support group and weekly webinars where you can ask Beth Learn any questions you have pertaining to fitness.  

You can also use the code for $10 savings on one year of membership, getting 12 months for $89.99.  When you sign up, a portion of the fee goes to Fit2B, but another portion goes to my family.  🙂  

So sign up, join me in getting stronger.  Use the code ALASKAN to get your discount.  




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