DIY Yuba Mundo Soft Spot Seat

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My husband gifted me with a brand new Yuba Mundo cargo bike last week. I love it. My three boys can all ride on it and they are asking daily to go for a bike ride. I plan to get a child seat for my middle son, but for my oldest, I plan for him to sit directly behind me on a seat pad. He will also have stoker bars that are attached to my seat post for him to hold on to. I’m a DIY kind of gal and new I had the materials on hand to make a similar style seat pad that Yuba offers on their website called a Soft Spot.

I unpacked my sewing machine yet again, (we are moving this weekend but I can’t seem to go a week without needing my sewing machine).

Materials used:

Old pink yoga mat
Thin green foam padding
Handprint oil cloth
Gutterman Thread.

I measured off the amount of padding I needed for the seat by laying the yoga mat onto the bike. I cut the yoga mat twice as wide as I needed so I could fold it over, sandwiching the thin green foam padding in a single layer between.



I laid this padding on top of the oil cloth and cut it with about a 0.5 ” to .75 inch seam allowance all around, and cut it lengthwise twice as long. I folded the fabric right sides together, placing five pieces of Velcro around the edging, making sure to sandwich it between the fabric. I sewed around the edges, leaving one side open so that I could stuff the two layers of yoga mat with the thin foam between. The Velcro proved a bit tricky because I didn’t think about how I wanted to attach the Velcro to itself properly. I ended up ripping out stitches and made sure that the Velcro was not sticking to itself when I stitched it in.


Before turning the sleeve of fabric inside out, I clipped the corners so that when I turned it inside out, the corners would look better. I stuffed the foam and yoga mat inside the sleeve and stitched the open end closed. It fits perfectly on the Yuba, now I just need to get more Velcro to make another one for my middle son until I can purchase a real seat for him.






3 thoughts on “DIY Yuba Mundo Soft Spot Seat

    Rebecca said:
    August 11, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Just what I’ve been looking for! We recently got a Kona MinUte and I was thinking I should be able to make a seatpad rather than ordering the Yuba Soft Spot. Thanks for the instructions! How is it working for you? Is the velcro strong enough to hold it securely in place? I was trying to decide if I had to make it more complicated and sew in buckles to webbing straps…

      lahancock responded:
      August 11, 2013 at 7:42 am

      The seat pad has been doing really well staying in place. Only complaint from the five year old that his legs were hurting on the sides. Since we got a peapod for the back, I had an extra pad, so I crossed it over the top of other one and velcroed it down.

      I would mess with buckles, as long as you make the Velcro long enough, you can curl it around itself.

        Rebecca said:
        August 19, 2013 at 2:25 pm

        Thanks again very much for the idea to use yoga padding! I made a version of this on the weekend and my son loved how much more comfortable it was than the wooden deck :).

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