The Skeptical Bike Shop

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We have a new awesome Yuba Mundo cargo bike. I love riding it and I’m super thankful my husband got it for me. It was a big expense but I think it will be worth it during what I’m calling “The Summer of Sweat.”

I’m a a DIY kind of girl most of the time unless the expense vs. amount of time spent is less. I’ve been into a handful of bike shops in the past couple of days, and I have to wonder how often they see a mom of three boys under five come into their stores asking about bike components.

The Yuba website has some accessories that are a little higher than I would prefer to pay and their shipping is a lot higher than a lot of sites. I found great deals on bike seats for my youngest two, and would like to get a comfortable set up for my oldest son. I’m wanting to attach handlebars to my bike seat so that Liam has something better than some rope to hold onto for longer rides. The Yuba site has some pretty ones for sale for $59.95 plus shipping which is $15. That is a lot to me. So, I’ve been perusing online resources and talking with bike shop employees. They all discouraged me from trying to put something together myself and said I should just buy the kit.

I wonder if they think I couldn’t get it right, or that it really is too much trouble. I have learned a lot about handlebars, bike stems and shims in the last day and a half. It has taken a bit of online searching, but I can get some handlebars for Liam for about $40 or so, and I haven’t even finished my searching yet. Perhaps I’m not giving the bike shop employees are correct, but I often feel like they think I’m incompetent…and I am for a little while, until I turn to google and Wikipedia to learn all I can to save a few bucks.



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