Grocery shopping on “Nitro”

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Today, I made two trips to the grocery store on the Yuba Mundo…also known as Nitro or choo-choo train cargo bike. This morning Nick and I cheerfully pedaled to Publix to get stuff to make apple pancakes. We were out riding around 7 am and we had a blast rhyming words as we went along. He sat in the iBert since I didn’t have the baby with us. We rode 1.76 miles.

This afternoon, the baby and I loaded up for our first big grocery trip. I had a great workout and it was fun to see what I could get on the bike. It ended up being a 9.35 mile bike ride this afternoon. So, for the weekend, I got a good amount of riding in with our six mile Tour de Fat bike ride adventure. I so wish I had photos of me and the boys yesterday.

Here was my set up bringing the groceries home today. A recycling bin with thermal bags inside on the left, a thermal insulated Thirty-One gifts bag on the right. I used bungee cords on the bag and recycling bin and I used the Ergo to keep things from bouncing out. It felt really well balanced.



One thought on “Grocery shopping on “Nitro”

    Melissa @ HerGreenLife said:
    June 24, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    That’s quite a grocery haul — very impressive, especially to have managed it with a baby along for the ride!

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