One year ago….

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A year ago, I unknowingly worked my last day of work. The only clue that birth was about to start, I had a sharp stabbing pain shoot down through me while at work on the way to the bathroom. It was so strong, I dropped to the floor. Afterwards, I had a strong desire to tell my boss that if all things worked out as I hoped and prayed, that I would not be coming back to work after I had the baby.

I was 36 weeks, 5 days pregnant.

At 2 AM tomorrow morning, 364 days ago, my body would begin it’s birthing time. I had some moments of panic with my husband in Nashville. Then I got to have a day of rest before my birth would kick into high gear.

I can’t believe how much has changed and that things have worked out, as I hoped and prayed. Being able to stay home with my children is a much more difficult job some days than I anticipated but it is one that I don’t think I would have fully appreciated if I hadn’t gone back to work with my first two.




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