Nasty and Nice-bike riding today

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Today’s bike riding adventure included two kids and a trip to the grocery store. Here is our ride in bullet form.

-had to stop the bike about 100 yards in because the bin I placed on the deck (see picture below) was jammed against my backside making it hard to pedal.

– three year old repeatedly asking to go to the park. Questions made worse by the fact that we had to ride by the park.

-Twenty year old male jackass with Kentucky license plate yells, “Go get a car!” As the drive past. (We have three A-hole, want to buy one, my bike is cooler.)

-Three year old drops an egg on the floor at the grocery store. I figure he was testing gravity.

-I got a ton of groceries including a watermelon that probably weighed ten lbs….okay probably not but large.

-nice man asks how far I have to ride home. I guess five miles or less. He tells me he hates me, but with an envious smile.

-A woman my age commends me for riding because it is good exercise and saves gas.

-loaded kids on bike and then groceries.

-tried to move the bike off kickstand, bike falls away from me.

-kids okay, two nice ladies try to help.

-try to act like it was no big deal and pedal away.

-Poor loading job on my part. Stop bike in parking lot and repack. Gigantic watermelon is problematic.

-8 year old girl in the parking lot tells me there is no way she would get on that bike, it would fall.

-load is properly adjusted.

-ride home with no other incidents other than a chain that isn’t moving as well when I shift.

-Got my groceries for the week, with two kids. Got in a good workout.



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