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So sometimes realize your kids are really listening and remembering the stories that you tell them. A while back my oldest noticed that his penis was different from my husband’s because we chose not to circumcise him or his brothers. When my son asked loudly why it looked different (this was in a men’s restroom too), my husband told him that his own Nana and Papa had part of his penis cut off by a doctor. Imagine the look of shock on the five year old’s face.

Well fast forward a few months and your intact sons are playing with another boy outside in the kiddie pool. While rinsing off after playing in the pool, they notice that the other boy’s penis looks different. The conversation that I overheard between three little boys:

My oldest son: Your penis looks different. Did someone cut off part of your penis?

Other boy: Uhhhhhh.

My middle son: Let me see! (He crouches down to penis level to try and get a closer look.)

My oldest son: yeah, someone cut off part of your penis. My Nana and Papa chopped off part of my Dad’s and his looks like that. Did you know part of your penis is gone?

My middle son: let me see! Ohhhh, yeah someone cut off your penis.

Me: that’s enough boys. Leave him alone.

Other boy: My sister doesn’t have a penis!

Part of me was laughing and part of me felt the need to stop the conversation quickly.

You know, I never expected the conversations to go in that direction at all. Boys will compare. I hope that my children didn’t frighten the other boy because I don’t think he had any idea that his penis was different from theirs. I’m curious to know how the conversations will go in the future for the other boy and his parents.


One thought on “Comparisons

    Summer said:
    July 16, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    This is great! We have 3 that all look the same in my house, nothing taken off, so the comparison has not happened quite so fully yet. Ha!!!

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