Nature School

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We have a small home right now. I get a little stir crazy trying to keep the kids quiet so they don’t disturb the neighbors while still allowing them to be kids. Fortunately our duplex has a gigantic flat back yard that backs to a field.

I thought a good fort is something the boys would need. All kids need a place to call their own. And I need a place to send them to when I’m about to lose it after another round of whining or fighting.

Yesterday we started our fort. We collected large tree limbs from the fence line. Today we cut down some tree limbs that were coming through the fence. We tied a rope between two trees and now they are taking bungee cords and trying to lift Nick’s four wheeler. I also laid down a “balance beam.” These structures can be changed around as the boys see fit.

I’m hoping this play space provides a fun space for them. I guess we will see in the next few weeks. Anyone want to come and play?









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