Our day homeschooling

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Today was a fun schooling day, but kind of eclectic.

I was distracted this morning, so the boys watched cartoons for a little bit. Then we got started.

-maps, learning about Hawaii, volcano national park, and starting a Hawaii vacation folder (crossing my fingers that one day we can do this)
-saw a DIY shrinky dink project for the future and then discovered a way to melt wax onto rocks. The boys were excited about that one.
-bike ride to Rock Castle
-bike ride to the park, I met a retired high school teacher and learned some facts about the area. Nice guy named John Ladd.
-continued the bike ride to the creek, we saw five turtles, a ton of geese, ducks and a few cranes
-got rocks from the creek for the art project
-more playing at the park and then headed home
-got within about six feet of four small deer, we scared them on the bike path
-watched the high school marching band rehearse

I now have four rocks in my oven heating up for our art project. Praying that they don’t burn themselves. Such an awesome day.






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