Another road trip

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We are on another road trip right now. I’m pretty thankful for my husband’s job right now because it allows him to travel and sometimes we get to tag along.

This trip, my husband had a conference at Wilderness at the Smokies. Liam kept exclaiming everyday that we were there, “this is the best day EVER.” The water slide I went on was fun. Riding down them with my first born was awesome. My husband braved this slide on our last day there.

We got to visit one of my best buddies, Holly before we left Sevierville. I miss her a lot. I wish we lived closer.

Saturday, we drove through the Smokies. It was raining, but still beautiful. We ended up at the Oconoluftee Vistor Center where we got to see this guy.

My husband was kind enough to drive the whole time through the mountains so I continued to knit on a shawl that I’ve been working on forever!

We discovered some amazing waterfalls along the curvy mountain roads on our way to Greenville, SC. This is Dry Falls. Humorous name after seeing this magnificent force of nature.



After taking forever to find a food place along the mountain roads, we found a good barbecue place in Cashiers, NC. However, after dinner, the roads were very dark and a little scary. We kept joking that we were hearing banjo music. We didn’t have a hotel booked and were trying to make it to Greenville before Grant started screaming his head off. And I really wanted to drive through a certain area, even thought couldn’t see anything because a fellow Hypnobabies instructor lived in the area and I wanted to see the area that she blogs about.

After a good nights sleep, we decided to explore Greenville on bike. We rented bikes, a bike trailer and a tag-a-long trailer from a local shop. Immediately I was missing my Yuba Mundo. The rental felt flimsy and Damon’s bike creaked with every movement. We rode to some falls downtown.


Grant wasn’t particularly fond of the trailer, crying off an on during the trip. I even resorted to putting him on my back along one part of the Swamp Rabbit bike path. We rode 14 miles today, biking from Greenville downtown to Furman University.

Pulling a bike trailer kind of sucks, especially with a one year old screaming and me yelling to my husband that this was a bad idea and I hated this. Not my best moment. I finally told myself that I was going to choose to be happy and enjoy the ride despite the screaming kid and of course Grant fell asleep. None of my kids have liked the bike trailer.

We finished the afternoon by checking into the hotel and having Cracker Barrel. I love Drury Inn! Free alcohol at happy hour. We head home tomorrow. I am really thankful that we are getting to see and do so much lately.





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