Treasure Bags

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We noticed a few weeks ago that Liam had a pile of “treasures.” They are handmade Valentine’s he received last Valentine’s Day from his Chattanooga friends. Every night, he goes into his curtained bottom bunk and looks at these cards, organizing them, admiring them and falling asleep with them all around him. They seem to be pretty important to him, so I asked him last night if he would like to make a special treasure bag to keep them in.

He was so excited, he wanted to begin last night, but I held him off at 10 pm. I told him we could make them this morning. After breakfast, he helped pick out his fabric, determined the size he needed and helped sew it. He made sure it had secret pockets. He can now hang it up in his bunk bed and keep all of his “treasures” safe. I asked him if he wanted to display them on his own blog, but said no. He gave me permission to share his and the one I made for Nick.

Liam’s is the plain blue one. Nick chose the monkey fabric because I used it on his pillowcase.





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