33 Goals

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Next Tuesday is my 33rd birthday.  I have made a goal list before and thought I should do it again this year.  So, here you go, you can see what is on my mind and what I think I need to work on.
1. Walk a lot….perhaps even a marathon.

2. Learn how to meditate.

3. Take my family to Hawaii and spend under $2000.

4. Grow my website and blog State of Birthing. I would like to learn how to generate some income from it as well.  Perhaps $200 a month.

5. Go bicycle camping with my kids.

6. Move to a different location.

7. Take a bible study class.

8. Fall further in love with my husband.

9. Go on a date with my husband once a month.

10. Go for a walk everyday.

11. Make panniers for my bike.

12. Go on a girls retreat.

13. Attend a birth related conference.

14. Take a positive parenting class.

14. Attend bluegrass meetups to learn how to play the fiddle by ear.

15. Do a couples devotional with my husband.

16. Spend less time on the computer.  Fill my days with playing with my kids and spend a short time on the computer.  Learn to manage my time more effectively.

17. Establish a cleaning routine so that I am not as stressed about my surroundings.  Implement some of the Fly Lady tactics.

18. Host dinners for friends.

19. Do nice deeds for my parents and grandparents.

20.  Send letters to friends. Actual snail mail letters.

21. Get the tools to learn how to metal stamp and begin making jewelry for side income.

22. Save for a future house.  Build our savings so that we have 20% for a down payment.

23. Take bubble baths.

24. Learn how to forage for food.

25. Learn how to build a fire without fire starters or lighter fluid.

26. Make soap.

27. Find a local source for meat, eggs and milk.

28. Grow a garden.

29. Have a simple Christmas.

30. Celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a big way.

31. Make myself a dress, shirt and pair of pants.

32. Finish my shawl I’ve been knitting since August of 2012.

33. Be kind to myself.


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