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So I’ve been in the world of web design…or maybe web site creating since I’m using preset templates.  I’ve been chugging away at a new birth and postpartum services website for the Nashville area.  The site is finished, minus some proofing needed by all participants.

In the past two weeks, I’ve learned that I love Weebly.  Yes, I know, I’m typing this from a wordpress site, but hey, this site is free.  Weebly is awesome at the way that it organizes everything.  It took me about five minutes to get the hang out of laying out each page.  I love how you can easily link to other pages, e-mail, etc.

With all the web design, logo creation, etc. I went onto my own blog site, and was so bummed.  It looked outdated compared to the new website.  So, this evening, I perused around the themes and chose this one.  I had to highlight my new awesome bike in the banner.  I love this bike.  I love that I can get my kids around town without having to always use the minivan.  I hate traffic, so the bike eases a lot of stress and builds some muscle.  Thanks Nikki if you ever read this page for inspiring me with your own cargo bike riding feats.

In a few days, I will do a post on the bike and all the gadgets I have attached to it.  Anyway, this was kind of a mindless, meandering post but I hope you like the new design.  I got rid of a few pages that were kind of unnecessary now that I have some other websites.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.08.38 PM


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