Winter Time Internal Agitation

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I am noticing a pattern in myself.  The post-holiday time period, I start to get a bit grouchy.  I have no desire to deal with people, well really people online, such as Facebook.  Online interaction gets frustrating as I remember that people get the courage to say crap online that they would rarely say to another person’s face.  I allow these thoughts to fester, at times saying to myself, “why the hell do you get onto the Facebook demon?” Then I banter back to myself that I enjoy seeing what is going on in some people’s lives.  I also run into the dilemma that I’m trying to help grow a business with others and I really feel like I “need” to be online.

The hard part for me right now is I still feel like I’m in transition.  We moved to the Nashville area in June 2013. I’m a social person, I like to hang out with others and chat with others, however it takes time to develop meaningful relationships.  When we first moved here, I did my best to get out there and start connecting with others.  The people who I have met are great, but I really don’t “know” them, and they don’t know me.  I know little about what drives their lives and their decisions. I think people forget that we each have a story, a reason for everything that we do.  I miss the days of my early, early childhood where friendships were simple and you just wanted to hang with others without them trying to beat you into the friend that they need.

I know I need to just work on myself. I need to be happy being me so that what friendships come around, I can just enjoy with no expectation of what the friendships will be.  A few of these local ladies are truly awesome and we have started to connect with some people at church.  I’m hoping I will be able to eventually have some friendships like I encounter with my Whole Foodigan friends and those that I’ve grown up with. Those people who you can call up on the phone and chat with them for hours.  Those friends that don’t try to hop on their current soapbox and beat you into nondescript mass.

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One thought on “Winter Time Internal Agitation

    thevfamily said:
    January 9, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    I completely understand what you are saying! Once I am back at the whole driving a car thing, we will have some meet-ups and play dates!

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