Best Wrap Conversion Yet!

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Two days ago, I sewed a wrap conversion mei tai for my friend Holly and it is my best conversion yet….I’ve sewn one other, so of course I am better.  I’ve made a few mei tais, just not wrap conversions, so the construction went pretty smoothly. I grabbed design elements from some carriers I’ve admired from afar. This does only have two layers of fabric so I was extra careful giving larger seam allowances and making sure the straps were sewn in solidly.  I love this wrap and it is so squishy and soft.  I wanted to keep some pictures of it as I will be sending it to it’s home tomorrow (well today as I’m up too late looking at old photos.)

The wrap is a Didymos hemp indio, dyed buttercup color.



A pleated shoulder. It spreads nicely over the shoulders.



I made a gathered hood after a failed attempt at making a hood similar to one on a coat.  I didn’t give myself enough seam allowance and it ended up looking like a Smurf hat.  I did reuse the scrap to make a lovey for my friend’s one year old.




I left the Mittel-punkt (middle marker) on the hood because I thought it looked cool.  It is on the outside of the hood so it won’t scratch the baby.




DSC_0707 DSC_0708


And with some of the leftover scraps I made my friend’s Waldorf lovey.  We shall see if his big sisters’ steal it from him.

DSC_0713 DSC_0721



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