Become “Radically Changed”-An invitation to join us this Easter

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We began attending a church in Hendersonville, TN last fall. The church is Community Church of Hendersonville. The first service we attended, I think was called flip flop Sunday.  The church was filled with people wearing sandals and the worship minister, Kevin Lawson was preaching. He preached about music and how it affects us. I laughed through the sermon, thinking, this church might be a good fit for us. However, I was still apprehensive. I tend to go to a church for a short while and then grow tired of making the effort on Sunday morning. This time it has been different, although my interest did wane during cold and flu season, but it is back in full swing now.

Back in September, I accepted Christ into my heart at my brother’s church during a marriage conference. I blogged about that here. I have yet to be baptized, but I feel like that is part of God’s plan too.

So what is so special about Community Church? You can feel the love that these people have for God, Jesus and their community. The people are real. They have their issues, they have their flaws, and they are open about them. One of my new friends, Leah, talks about how this church isn’t a dress in your pretty clothes kind of church, with a big huge smile and pretend like everything is okay. It is a community of people that know that we are not perfect, but we will still be loved by God.

Around Christmas time, I approached Kevin, the “music guy” and asked if ever needed a cello player. His eyes lit up, “YES! Can you play Christmas Eve?” I have so enjoyed getting the opportunity to play again. I’ve gotten a few opportunities and being able to help the worship team has been great. The number of people that have come up to me and said, “I love the cello, I wish I knew how to play,” makes me think I should start lessons for adults.
This is a picture taken by Kara Capps after yesterday’s service. (A little blurry but I still love it, taking pictures in church lighting can be so hard.)


Now, I will admit, for a very long time, the thought of going to Wednesday night church has made me cringe. It seemed like too much effort, especially when I was working full time. However, I’m in a class right now for moms that makes me wish it was already Wednesday. These women sit in fellowship with one another, each week, talking about our struggles as mothers and how we can look to God on our times of need. Some of these ladies are boisterous, others quiet and observing. In my new faith, the thought of saying, “Jesus is awesome, Jesus ROCKS!” Is not in my comfort zone. I still feel awkward with these thoughts because I don’t feel like I understand the sacrifice that was made. However, I’m learning more, so maybe one day I will get there. We as a church are reading through the bible and of course, I’m behind on my reading because I am on Facebook too much, instead of reading. What I’ve read so far, the world was not too different from our own. I’ve only really read in the Old Testament, and the rules are harsh and as a high schooler said yesterday during the service, “the Bible is not rated G.”

Okay, so my mind is wandering a bit during this post. The point of the post, I want to invite people to come visit our church this weekend for Easter. If you can’t attend because you will be going somewhere else, then come another week. If you love your church, then of course, you should attend your church home and celebrate that Jesus is Risen. But, if you don’t attend a church home, or if you have been searching for a new place to worship, try Community Church. This place is filled with real people, lots of smiles and warm hugs. People that truly enjoying serving each other and God.

The mission statement of from Community Church’s website is this:

To be relevant, connected people, 
radically changed by the love of Jesus,
impacting our neighbors, near & far, 
with transforming truth and dynamic compassion.

Our Mission:

Our church exists to help every person come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to develop as His disciple.

Come join us this Easter Weekend, we will probably be there at 10am.

Easter Service Times

This church is “radically changing” me. I can’t wait to see how God continues to work on my heart and becomes a beacon of light for me during good times and bad.



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