Oh the things we have seen…..

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Once again, I’m writing about our house search. We have been through 30-40 homes now and I’m getting very discouraged. I’m trying to remind myself that we have only been looking since March and that there is a home out there for us. Our price point means that lots of houses need updating or even major overhauls. With three young boys, some of the work is just too daunting to take on.

However, I thought to lighten my mood I would share some of the crazy things we have seen so far in local homes.

Raccoon Feces embedded in carpet.

Fireplaces that are falling down and bricked in.

Large oak trees, so large, hovering over the homes and tethered together by metal cabling that was bolted into the trees.

Tombstone in front yard.

Crucifix in the backyard, probably marking pet grave.

Scary moldy basements where you are afraid to breath.

DIY projects gone wrong…everything is shoddy and falling apart.

Kitchen cabinets pulling away from the walls on a flipped house.

Walls bowing out on the basement level.

Dirt covered floors and lipstick encrusted ceilings, with a ferret to entertain the boys.

Multiple flipped homes with horrendous layout issues, I.e. Deluxe bathrooms, with high end fixtures off the living room.

Mediocre looking house with a flashy red Viper sports car in the garage.

Random sinks and gas lines sticking out of floors.

A glass shower that you can see right into from the den.

More mold.

House where the foundation was sliding into the creek below it.

Eighties style bathroom lights that reflect light back towards the mirror instead of outward, I felt like I was a movie star. In addition, the same house had mirrors everywhere.

Full sized door in basement that opens to dirt crawl space….looked like a dungeon of doom.

Gigantic fifty year old stone retaining wall was bowing outward so much, we were afraid on good rain storm would cause the entire backyard would come crashing into the driveway.

A house where mold was a strong scent and all floors were bowing….every single one!

All of these homes where between $125k-$200k.

I’m hoping we find something soon. I’m tired of touring these homes and just finding fixer uppers that are above our skill set.

Wouldn’t this home be lovely……



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