Minor Remodel

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We still haven’t found a house we like and I think it is because we like where we live. I’m not in love with the 900 sq. feet of living space, if it is even that, but I love the location and I love the back yard.

We are thinking about purchasing the duplex and just living here for a while as landlords and perhaps one day converting it over to a single family home. We just have to locate a general contractor to get some cost estimates on our desired remodel.

However, this process may take a bit and we decided to do some bedroom shifting. The boys had the smallest bedroom and we decided that they needed some more play space and we also wanted room for Grant to sleep away from us if he wanted to.

We moved all the furniture around on Saturday, well really my husband moved most of the furniture and I went and bought paint and got a pedicure. 🙂 Previously I had done a really crappy yellow paint job in the bedroom the boys were moving into, so we painted it gray. We also got new blinds for multiple bedrooms as many were broken and were falling apart. I attempted to install them today while my husband is having some fun golf time but I was unsuccessful. Cursing hardware didn’t seem the best use of my time today.

The rooms are for the most part back in place. I’ve discovered that our year here has allowed the clutter to come back and I’m probably going to be a purge monster here very soon. There are too many knick knacks. I feel bad too, the boys make crafts twice a week at church and they want to keep them but it is sooooo much paper. I secretly throw them away as soon as I can.

Our new computer room/sewing room is above capacity but I don’t really want to get rid of our furniture or pay for storage so right now it will just stay as it is. While out shopping for curtains yesterday I also bought two tablecloths and made them into new curtains for our bedroom. Our old ones were in poor shape and were falling apart. So here are a few pictures of the new old space. I’m glad we have enough space to give the boys a better play area in their bedroom.









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