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Every year, around this time, I start to get jealous. In a few weeks, my husband will be going on his annual golf trip. I want him to go on the trip. He needs to go. He needs to enjoy some time to just be a guy and play golf. Why am I jealous? Because I don’t take the same time for myself.

I give myself excuses, “Baby is still nursing at night….it costs too much….to hard to coordinate schedules with others….”

A few years ago, I stopped the excuses and met up with two friends and all of our kids at Rock Island State Park. We had an awesome time chatting in the woods and our kids played. While it wasn’t the same kind of quiet retreat that perhaps my husband was getting, at least I made the effort.

Another year, I took Grant with me to hang out at a friend’s house with a bunch of other friends. I cut the overnight stay short though as Grant was teething and screaming through the night.

This  year, perfect year. Grant isn’t nursing to sleep as much and with a new baby coming I will feel locked down for another two years or so. This is my opportunity!!! Yet, it seems too hard to coordinate.

Today, I’ve been searching where I could go. While I would prefer to hang out with girlfriends for an entire weekend, if I can’t make it happen, I think I might just hop a flight and go stay in a hotel somewhere….by myself!

Our church has planned a women’s retreat, but unfortunately, the retreat is too short in my opinion. 17 hours total, 9 of those, I would probably be asleep. Seems like it is hardly worth the effort.

So as I try to get out of my woe is me mood, I hope this Fall I can get away before the new baby comes. I haven’t spent a night away from Grant in his 27 months on Earth and before that point, I was working full-time and just didn’t take the time to get away before he arrived.

Anyone want to hop a plane with me?


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