Family Photo Session

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When the ice storm hit us in February and I knew Helena was on her way to being born, I was just a touch disappointed that we would not be able to have birth photos taken. Our photographer was iced in herself and could not possibly get to us safely. So instead of birth photos, we were able to have Cindy come when Helena was a few weeks old and take photos in our home. Cindy Sarlo was our photographer and here are some of the photos. I can’t wait to put some of these up on our walls. If our family members see this, let me know if you want certain photos. We have more too, but I didn’t think I would share all of them on the blog. 🙂 Enjoy.

2F4A2906 2F4A2919 2F4A2939 2F4A2952 2F4A2980 2F4A2988 2F4A3015 2F4A3022 2F4A3040 2F4A3047 2F4A3055 2F4A3064 2F4A3088 2F4A3111 2F4A3133 2F4A3158 2F4A3171 2F4A3233 2F4A3234 2F4A3237 2F4A3254 2F4A3286 2F4A3288


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