Another year…another birthday! Helena will be One!

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Tomorrow, one year old. Our last baby is having her first birthday tomorrow. Every child’s birthday brings back a flood of memories for me. Last year this time, I was really uncomfortable. Baby was so, so low in my pelvis. My hardest pregnancy ailment was in full-fledged flare up mode (hemorrhoids…not my favorite at all.) We had an ice storm happening. Power kept flickering. Every time I went to the restroom, the pressure seemed like baby was going to just fall out. I wasn’t sure when Helena would make her arrival. I figured it would be soon and kept praying that the power would stay on. Around 3 am, on February 18th, I knew that she would be coming soon, and probably by the 19th. I was correct and the birth went so well. If you want to read it: Helena’s Birth Story.

This year has flown by, like it seems every first year flies by. Helena is amazing, sweet and cuddly. She isn’t walking yet, but I know that it could happen at any time. Baby girl loves to hear music and since I’m learning to play the mandolin at Cedarstone Studios, I’ve found a new way to calm her down, even if only momentarily. Helena is infatuated with her brothers and loves to play peek-a-boo with them. Grant was feverish and asleep on the couch last night, but that didn’t stop her from trying to smack him on his head to get him to play with her. The boys fight over who gets to carry her, hold her and play with her first thing in the morning. I can tell my husband is thankful that we have her in our lives. I know he secretly wants to take her to her first father/daughter dance next month even though she can’t even walk yet.

Tomorrow we will have a low-key celebration with just family and some cake. I’m looking forward to snapping a few photos of my quickly changing baby girl. Here are a few photos to share of her past year.

Helena’s First Year





























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